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Stylistically, Sean Patrick (SP) is a mixture of smooth melodic flows combine with clever conceptual lyricism. Based out of South Florida SP is making a name as an artist who can touch on upbeat pop records as well as hard hitting rap records.

Sean Patrick has just released his latest EP titled: 'Remember Me However You Already Do' Teaming up with Hip Hop Superstar: Rick Ross on the projects lead single 'Nice Gets You Nowhere'

setting the bar even higher for himself while furthering the narrative into an ever-growing discography of energized while in direct contrast still introspective music.

In addition to his music endeavors, Sean Patrick has also taken interest to clothing design with his own brand: Star Park Co. featured almost exclusively in all of his music videos.

Throughout his middle school as well as high school career Sean consistently expanded his musical knowledge and skill, as well as signing up for every talent show and going above and beyond to put on spectacular performances. He was also an active member of his schools Drumline where he became a well rounded musician. "Learning how to actually play an instrument really helped me as an artist, between finding rhythms from old drum cadences I know for my lyrics." 

In 2014 Sean picked up momentum in his music journey deciding it was what he truly wanted to do. With a growing catalogue of successful singles and videos SP is consistently adding more credibility to his name as a young hit maker coming into the music industry.

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